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  • Lava Stone Beads for Healing

    April 04, 2022

    Lava stone beads are distinctly unique beads that inspire strength and clarity, passion and courage. Made from indigenous basalt stone from the core of the earth, Lava stone beads represent a true spiritual connection to the earth's energy. 

    Each Lava stone bead is unique with a natural look and feel, giving your beading project an aesthetically pleasing yet distinctive look. The recent increased popularity of Lava stones beads means that you’ve chosen a sought-after and wildly popular stone. 

    Lava stone beads are created for adornment for millennials. They are found anywhere where volcanic activity has occurred. Lava stones are formed when volcanos erupt, and molten rock called magma, filled with gas bubbles, pushes through the earth and flows onto the surface, becoming lava. The lava is collected and made into beads. 

    Beads made from lava stone are revered for their healing and grounding characteristics; they promote calmness and emotional stability. Because lava stone beads are naturally created within the earth, they represent rebirth and renewal and nurture fertility. Some suggest that this direct connection to the earth makes lava stone beads an excellent choice to stabilize your root chakra. Any piece of jewelry made with lava stone will bring the wearer a sense of well-being, strength, courage, and confidence. 


    Also known as volcanic rock or basalt, lava stone beads are visually unique with a smooth surface and a porous texture; they are a stunning addition to any beading project. The beads are naturally black or grey but can be dyed—our lava stone beads are available in various colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes.  Because lava stone beads are porous, they have a unique quality in that they can be used as a diffuser for essential oils, and they are lightweight, making them comfortable and easy to wear. 

    Choosing any lava stone beads in our collection are a striking addition to any beadwork project or jewelry-making kit. And for your convenience, we also offer lava stone beads wholesale for larger projects that require bulk purchasing.

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