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    JP Morgan was one of the richest men to ever live, and he had expensive taste to match. A frequent shopper at the famous diamond store Tiffany and a gem collector, he even patronized Tiffany's chief gemologist, who renamed the crystal in Morgan's honor. Morganite, with its unique pink hue and diamond-like clarity, transports us back to the over-the-top glamour of the Gilded Age.

    Popular Types of Morganite Beads

    1. Morganite Round Beads

    Round beads are the most common type of bead. If you are looking to bring the benefits of these stones into your everyday life, a bracelet of round morganite beads is a fantastic choice.

    2. Morganite Chips

    Chips are faceted so they will catch the light. This cut is an excellent match for jewelry making, as they look dynamic when strung together.

    3. Morganite Bead Bracelet

    Beaded bracelets are especially popular with those who are looking to bring the healing properties of gemstones into their everyday life. High empathy Pisces will especially love these stones, as they can enhance their natural empathic energy.

    4. Morganite Necklace

    Morganite is an excellent stone for necklaces. The stone looks lovely framed by tiny diamond details or swirling gold settings. It's a unique wardrobe choice that is simple enough to be worn every day. Morganite can be washed in room temperature water, with mild soap and a soft cloth, making it fairly easy to care for. Just another reason morganite is an amazing match for everyday jewelry.

    5. Morganite Pendant

    Wear a morganite crystal pendant on a dainty gold chain to harken back to the famous financier JP Morgan era. The Gilded Age was known for opulence, and this rare gemstone is as luxurious as it gets. While morganite is not a traditional birthstone, it would make a lovely gift for a Pisces.

    6. Morganite Pink Beryl Jewelry

    Beryl is a naturally occurring mineral, with a hexagonal crystal system, known for its vitreous luster. Morganite is part of this family, along with other beryls like emerald and aquamarine.

    7. Morganite Flat Oval

    Flat oval beads are unique cut, perfect for showing off the details of the morganite gemstone. They have a large face that really helps show off the stunning pink hue of these beautiful gemstones.

    Meaning of Morganite beads

    Spiritually, morganite beads have many metaphysical properties. Its pink color links it to the heart chakra. This gem can invite unconditional love into your life. It can also heal your relationship with yourself, by turning that unconditional love and light inward.

    Is morganite a real gemstone?

    Morganite is a real gemstone! These gems start out looking very different than the highly polished stones you see in jewelry stores, but that doesn't mean they are fake! Diamonds and emeralds are much the same.

    Is Morganite stone expensive?

    Morganite naturally occurs in small quantities, usually forming near other gemstones in granite pegmatites. This rarity makes it a bit pricier than other minerals. While perhaps less widely known, the same rarity and quality of emerald, sometimes even being called "pink emerald".

    What are the color options for morganite beads?

    Morganite can range from lovely blushing pink to more peachy, orange tones. Pinker shades are rarer and more expensive. There are also more cool tones of purple and pink.

    What are the Healing properties of Morganite?

    This gemstone has strong emotional healing properties. Morganite strengthens the bonds we have with others, encouraging compassion and romantic energy. But this crystal's healing vibes can be turned inward, filling our inner reserves of self-love and energy. It encourages compassionate conversation and aids with communication.