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    DIY jewelry making is on the rise, and beaded bracelets are being sold by the millions. Customers want a bead that's colorful, clear, and high quality. There is no better option than the glass bead! They come in a myriad of beautiful cuts and colors and are sure to be a hit.

    Popular Wholesale Glass Beads

    Buying anything, but especially glass beads bulk order can be daunting. You want to choose something that your customers will actually buy! Here is a list of the most popular options.

    1. Czech Glass Beads

      Czech glass beads are a kind of seed bead, known for their organic shapes and high quality.

    2. Black Glass Faceted Beads

      Black is a classic neutral, and the faceted cut provides an extra bit of class.

    3. Blue Glass Round Beads

      One of our most popular items! We have blue glass beads in lots of shades of shapes, but rounds are the most popular of all.

    4. Candy Color Glass Bead

      Of all the categories of beads, this is the most colorful. Candy-colored means anything poppy and bright!

    5. Color Plated Glass Bracelet

      The finish of these glass beads gives them a gorgeous iridescent effect!

    6. Glass Edge Pendant

      Glass edge pendants are not a kind of bead! But they are beautiful, simple, and elegant.

    7. Glass Purple Heart Ring

      This is a stand-out piece. A purple glass ring will surely catch a lot of eyes!

    How can you tell if Glass Beads are real?

    Glass beads might have a similar look to plastic beads at first glance, but there are a few easy ways to tell the difference between them. For instance, glass beads are cool to the touch while plastic will be at room temperature.

    What are the best glass bead colors?

    Glass beads come in many different colors, an entire rainbow of possibilities. While any color is sure to sell well, our most popular categories are blue, black, purple, and candy-colored.

    Differences between Glass Beads vs. Crystal Beads?

    Crystals are naturally occurring, but cut by us to create beads and jewelry. That means there are only so many ways we can manipulate the stone. Glass has almost endless options! Glass bead making is an art form in itself, and our beautiful items are a testament to that.