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  • Larimar

    This extremely unique gemstone comes from the tropical island of the Domincan Republic. It’s name comes from the word’s meaning mar (sea) and the name of the daughter of the man that discovered the larimar. How sweet! I wish my dad named a gemstone after me. 

    Larimar is a fairly sturdy gemstone that can easily withstand your toughest days. It is with you for the long haul. The color of Larimar beads are a silky blue with shades of white and green thrown in for some interesting variation. Almost like drawing a bath and filling with bubbles. You’ll fall in love immediately!

    Larimar beads are also well known to heal in an emotional, mental, and spiritual way. It strongly represents peace and clarity. If you love early morning meditation with the sun on your face and a cup of gourmet coffee, this is for you! 

    Larimar is one of our top sellers at American bead corporation. These provide excellent gives for everyone. Jewelry lovers, hobbyists, or even interior designers will love the natural beauty of these unique gemstones. We provide these wholesale gemstone beads in bulk. We have hundreds of larimar gemstones beads just for you. Pick from a wide range of sizes and shapes to best suit your needs. Visit us today!

    Larimar is a relatively recently discovered gemstone. Located originally in the Dominican Republic, this beautiful stone has quickly spread around the world becoming a favorite of jewelry makers everywhere. With a wide variety of colors and cuts, those looking to buy bulk larimar have many options to choose from.

    Popular Types of Wholesale Larimar Beads

    While our site stocks many cuts and colors of wholesale larimar, we want you to get the best bang for your buck. Here are a few types of larimar beads and jewelry that your customers are sure to love.

    1. Larimar gemstone beads

    Larimar gemstone beads have an incredible variety of uses. Whether you just love the sea blue color or are in of some spiritual healing! This stone is beloved by many for its ability to soothe the soul and raise the spirit. A quality piece of larimar jewelry will get you through your toughest days.

    2. Larimar Jewelry

    The natural beauty of this gemstone makes it the perfect choice for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. A ring, bracelet, necklace, or anything else you can dream of!

    3. Larimar round beads

    A strand of round larimar beads is sure to catch your customs eye. They are so satisfying to look at! Perfect blue stones are ready to be turned into any number of products.

    4. Larimar Bracelets

    Beaded bracelets are some of the most popular wholesale larimar items. Someone looking for a piece of larimar jewelry they can wear every day will gravitate towards this.

    5. Larimar Chips

    The cut of the larimar beads really allows you to see the patterns present in these beautiful stones. All larimar has white veins running through it, and chips really let them shine.

    6. Larimar Teardrop

    The teardrop cut is another great choice from larimar beads. This cut also heavily features those unique stratifications. Jewelry makers love this unique cut for making statement pieces.

    What is so special about Larimar?

    Larimar is a very unique and rare gemstone. It only forms in one place in the world! It was discovered in the Dominican Republic. Locals there have long revered the stone. Local legend says wearing larimar jewelry can attract the love of your life!

    How can you tell good quality Larimar?

    The highest quality larimar beads will be the color of the Caribbean Sea, a stunning aquamarine. Although there are a variety of colors to choose from! Buyers can be at peace knowing that all of our products are authentic! Please contact us and we will provide you with more information.

    What are the benefits of wearing Larimar?

    Besides its natural beauty, many people are fond of larimar jewelry for its spiritual properties. Born from volcanic magma meeting cool ocean waves, this gemstone can calm the ill-tempered or provide a burst of firey energy. Some say it can heal emotional and mental distress. It is also commonly used to promote relaxation.

    Is Larimar a Stone or a Crystal?

    Wholesale larimar beads are often labeled as stones or gemstones. While this is not a lie, colloquially they all mean the same thing, Larimar is technically a crystal! Genuine larimar has a slight translucence and clarity.