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  • Bloodstone

    Bloodstone gemstones are a form of chalcedony (translucent) or jasper (opaque). They are generally dark green with red mottling or specks; the red markings are intrusions of hematite. Christians revered bloodstone as it was believed that when Jesus was crucified, drops of his blood fell onto jasper and created the red patterns within the stone. Bloodstone continued to be associated with religion and was called the Martyr's Stone.

     Bloodstone makes for a fascinating gemstone bead because of its history and because the red intrusions are so stunning against the darker background. A lovely addition to any beader’s collection as well as an intriguing choice for projects.

     Bloodstone is believed to enhance endurance and strength and is frequently used for its healing properties, especially in purifying the circulatory system and stopping hemorrhaging. Strength and longevity are also associated with this stone.