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  • Charoite

    This especially rare silicate mineral that can only mostly be found in Russia and Siberia.. This breathtaking, naturally occurring gestome derives its name from the Chara River, where it was found. From Russia with love!

    These are decently durable. It isn’t depleted uranium, but plenty tough to last for years in everyday life. 

    Now to the good stuff...the color! It ranges from a peaceful lavender to a majestic purple. These Charoite beads have a wonderful pearl luster to them. A great addition to any jewelry piece! Or you can add them as an accent piece to any decor. It will really catch your guest’s eye!

    The healing properties of Charoite have deep meaningfulness. The gemstones originate from an area of Russia associated with political prisoners. That means they have a strong connection to endurance in adversity. They also provide comfort for the sick or elderly. Perfect gift for you grandparents! Or maybe you are a medical professional and want to metaphysically encourage those you help. This would be an excellent choice for that as well. 

    Whether you want some awesome Charoite for the color or the healing properties, we have it for you...and plenty of it. We are the best in the biz! We sell wholesale gemstone beads in bulk for fantastic prices. We are American Bead Corporation. We treasure you and are here to take care of your every bead...need (not a bad rhyme, huh?)