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    You may have seen jewelry made from stacked colored discs. Usually strung in satisfying monochrome palettes or occasionally, in a bright multicolored strand. They are very popular, especially for those with more bohemian tastes. We have many kinds of high-quality Heishi beads in stock.

    7 Popular Types of Heishi Beads Wholesale

    The creation of Heishi beads is an ancient art form. The Kewa Pueblo people made use of local stones and shells such as mother of pearl. In the modern day, Heishi beads are made of many different types of material.

    There are 7 popular types of Heishi beads wholesale buyers purchase the most today. Polymer clay, black cloudy amazonite, green agate, Baltic amber, turquoise, and bamboo coral.

    1. Heishi beads Bracelets

    The most common place you'll see Heishi beads today is on someone's wrist. Heishi beads bracelets are very popular, often worn in stacks of multicolored bracelets.

    2. Heishi Beads Necklaces

    However, Heishi beads are very versatile! Heishi bead necklaces, either made using only Heishi or mixed with other beads are also very popular.

    3. Polymer Clay Heishi Beads

    While traditional Heishi was made with organic materials, we now have access to tons of unique manmade beads. Polymer clay can be all sorts of fun colors, from bright neons to muted pastels.

    4. Bamboo Coral Heishi Beads

    While often sold for a higher price, natural bead options like Bamboo coral and the others on this page are incredibly popular. Bamboo coral beads are a striking terracotta color. This product can be used to make many different types of jewelry! It gives a very satisfying look when strung on its own, no need for any other bead!

    5. Baltic Amber Heishi Beads

    Baltic amber is another great stone for Heishi beads. The varying hues of the stones create beautiful and unique color palettes.

    6. Black Cloudy Amazonite Heishi Beads

    Amonizite can appear very similar to turquoise, but its black cloudy counterpart has a look all its own. Necklaces and other jewelry made with this bead are always eye-catching.

    7. Green Agate Heishi beads

    Green agate Heishi beads are a great choice for those looking for a more earthy style of bead. The green stacked colored discs create a beautiful natural aesthetic.

    Where are Heishi Beads made?

    Heishi beads originated from New Mexico, the Kewa Pueblo people used local materials to create this unique bead type. Now manmade materials, like polymer clay and metal are produced in factories. Natural gemstone or shell beads are usually processed by machine as well although there are still artisans who craft them by hand.

    Can Heishi beads get wet?

    Our Heishi beads are waterproof! Your jewelry is safe and secure for everyday wear.

    What are Heishi beads used for?

    Heishi beads are a very versatile product. A strand of Heishi beads could turn into a bracelet, a necklace, or really any kind of jewelry you wish!