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    We are a gemstone supply and jewelry company in business for over 20 years
    We carry over 20000 SKU's and among them there is a line of “ gemstone bracelets “

    We have had great success selling to some retain outlets and feel that the following markets might be great fit

    • Gift shops
    • Rock shops
    • Bead stores
    • Discount stores
    • Jewelry stores
    • Accessory stores
    • News stand
    • Spa
    • Yoga class
    • Clothing shops
    • Book stores

    We are wondering if your store will be willing to carry this line . We will be happy to send some free samples

    Our products are very competitive in the market since we are a professional gemstone expert with great advantage in sourcing and manufacturing.

    Our quality of genuine gemstone bead bracelets at a range from $1 up for a retail value of $30-$50 with a variety of 700 styles,

    In this tough economic time , this line has proved to be a good winner
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