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  • Chrysocolla

    Be careful! You may get lost looking into the beauty of Chrysocolla. They are related to copper. Like a second cousin. I didn’t know rocks had cousins. 

    These Chrysocolla beads radiate a cyan, blue green, and green color scheme. They mix beautifully to create a murky turquoise like haze. It almost resembles the swirling of a sea surf. Absolutely captivating! Chrysocolla beads have a very tough exterior and are quite sturdy. That way you can make all the jewelry you want with your daughter or granddaughter. Without it breaking or cracking. Perfect for necklaces or earrings. Yippee!

    Chrysocolla has wonderful healing properties too. It can help relieve your anxiety and depression. Some even say it can help pregnant women with their cramps. That’s a win in my book! 

    American Bead Corporation has all the chrysocolla gemstone beads you could wholesale prices. All we are waiting on is you!