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  • Rainbow Moonstone

    This naturally occurring semi-precious gemstone can be found all around the world. They have been discovered in North America, Africa, and Europe. This gemstone has a naturally murky, foggy nature to its color that is overlaid with white. It resembles moonshine on a cloudy night. Hence its name!

    These rainbow moonstone beads have a good, sturdy hardness. It can take everything life throws at it. Except maybe crossfit. I wouldn’t wear them to a crossfit session. 

    Regular moonstones have that natural murky white color. These rainbow moonstones beads have a green or blue sheen to them. This creates a beautiful contrast that makes them highly sought after. They would be amazing on a necklace, bracelet, or earring. You will turn every head in the room.

    Many believe rainbow moonstone beads bring balance, harmony, and hope. It enhances creativity and compassion while creating intuition and clarity. If you are struggling with inner decisions or a crossroads in life, these rainbow moonstone gemstones may be your friend.

    Rainbow moonstones are some of our favorite gemstones at American Bead Corporation. As a result we stock these gemstone beads in bulk. That allows us to sell gemstone beads at the lowest price to you. Let us make your day easier and provide you with top quality rainbow moonstone gemstones at unbeatable prices! Visit our website or give us a call today!