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    Welcome to our New Affiliate Program

    Get discounts for shopping, sharing, and making referrals!

    Here are the Steps to Complete to Become an American Bead Affiliate-

    1. Just click on this link to set up an affiliate account in 5 minutes.
    2. After signing up, verify your account by clicking the verify button sent to your email address.
    3. On the dashboard, you’ll find the Referral Link and Coupon Code.
    4. Referral Link- this is where you can promote American Beads and earn 10% for every purchase made using the link.
    5. Coupon Code- You can share your coupon code link or the code to promote American Beads. Customers can get a 10% discount, and you receive a 10% commission on every purchase.
    6. Marketing Tools- These features allow you to use the code generators and banners to promote American Bead.
    7. Simply display or share an affiliate banner on your social media.
    8. Generate an affiliate link in the marketing tool tab by pasting the American Bead URL into ‘paste product here bar.’ It will produce an affiliate link that you can share or promote.
    9. You receive 10% of each order that comes from your affiliate links.
    10. Click ‘payment’ to set up a PayPal deposit link for your commission.
    11. You are all set to receive your commission. Here is a helpful guide to creating your account

    Happy Earnings! :)

    American Bead Corp