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  • Garnet

    Type/Color: Natural stone, natural colors

    Cut:  Smooth and matte rounds, faceted rounds, precision cut faceted rounds and roundelle, flat oval, free form, chips, and heishi cuts in sizes 2mm to 12mm depending on cut and color.

    Hardness: 6 ½ to 7 ½

    Composition/Origins: Most are types of aluminum silicates, commonly found worldwide.

    Colors/Pattern: burgundy, orange, green, Kashgar (combination of brown, orange, green, burgundy and green), purple. Garnets can be transparent to opaque. They come in natural shades of red, pink, orange, brown, green, purple, with a variety of interesting color combinations (red-purple, red-brown, orange-brown, green-brown, brown-green-yellow-orange-red). While the Garnet is commonly found worldwide it is not a single species, rather it is more complex made up of many species and varieties.

    Almandine: (brown-red, deep red, brown-black, violet-red). Most common garnet gemstone in variety of colors.

    Andradite: (green, green-brown, yellow-green, orange-yellow, brown, black, gray-black). One of the rarest types of garnets. Can have high dispersion with more fire than even a diamond.

    Grossular: (colorless, white, gray, yellow, yellow-green, green, brown, ink, reddish-black). Light to medium vibrant color tones (even clear), but rarely dark or red.

    Pyrope: (purplish-red, pinkish-red, orange-red, crimson, dark red). Very dark in color tone such as dark red or burgundy.

    Rhodolite: (purplish color) technically a blend of pyrope and almandine garnet. Has distinct purple color.

    Spessartite: (red-orange, orange, yellow-brown, red-brown, black-brown, red). Variety of orange colors.

    Stone Symbolism: The birthstone for January is the Garnet. They have been used historically in Samaria (2100 B.C.), Sweden (1000-2000 B.C), Greek, Roman, and Aztec civilizations. Garnets are associated with faith and truth, prosperity, health, strength, and security. For more on Garnet symbolism here.