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    Rich in color, mysterious black onyx is also rich in cultural history. Admired by the ancient Greeks and used in Feng Shui, black onyx beads are world-renowned for their beauty and spiritual benefits.

    Popular Types of Onyx Beads

    Onyx beads are sold in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The selection of black onyx beads we have in stock are all made from the highest quality stone, at a reasonable wholesale price. Our most popular kinds of black onyx beads include

    Classic round beads are used in a variety of jewelry such as the ever-popular beaded bracelets. We have several sizes of these in stock as well.

    Heart-shaped facet cut black onyx beads, the unique shape and facets that catch light are also sure to catch customers' eyes.

    Puff coin beads, a product similar to rounds but with a slightly more ovular shape.

    Heishi black onyx beads can be used for finer details or for making more delicate jewelry items. A simple strand of Heishi beads makes for a fabulous necklace.

    If you are looking for premade jewelry pieces instead of a strand of beads, beaded bracelets are always the most popular option.

    What is the spiritual meaning of onyx?

    Onyx is found in all corners of the world and is used in a myriad of spiritual practices. In the tradition of Feng Shui, black onyx is kept in the home to protect from negative energy. Wearing black onyx beads can absorb negative energy and shield you from other people's bad intentions.

    What are the benefits of Onyx?

    Black onyx is a powerful grounding stone. It calms tumultuous emotions, bringing peace and order to the life of the wearer. Black onyx is also a great stone to wear to the workplace. It can also help increase focus, allowing you to give full attention to the task at hand. Improved results in your work, higher attention to detail, and overall more success in your business could all be attributed to black onyx.

    Can I sleep with my onyx bracelet?

    At a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, black onyx is durable enough for everyday wear. In that regard, you have nothing to worry about when you wear your onyx beads to sleep. Black onyx is also said to absorb negativity, and may even put a stop to nightmares.

    Where do you put Onyx on your body?

    Onyx is linked to the Root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine.