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  • Kyanite


    From the Greek word "kuanos" meaning blue, you might see this stone as a simple blue quartz. But this metamorphic rock is a rare and very valuable aluminum silicate mineral, forged from pressure and heat deep within the Earth. This aluminosilicate mineral takes on many colors and spiritual meanings.

    Types of Kyanite Beads

    Kyanite round beads

    Round beads come in a variety of sizes. The smooth round surface is very aesthetically pleasing and suits many different types of jewelry. Round beads are most commonly used in the creation of beaded bracelets which are extremely popular.

    Blue kyanite pendant

    Because kyanite can be a bit more expensive than other crystals, having a stand-alone piece like a pendant is a great affordable option. The shocking blue color really stands out!

    Kyanite Super Precision Facet Cut Beads

    Facets catch the light, shimmering and shining from every angle. Blue kyanite looks especially stunning when cut into this lustrous form.

    Blue kyanite freeform beads

    The natural shard-like forms of kyanite make for very interesting freeform beads. Shades of blue and green kyanite freeform beads paired together would make for a stand-out piece of jewelry.

    Kyanite Beaded Bracelet

    Beaded bracelets are the most popular kind of jewelry amongst those looking for the spiritual benefits of stones. Kyanite does not retain negative energy, making it a great crystal to keep on your body at all times.

    What is the meaning of Kyanite?

    Kyanite ranges in color from blue to black. These colors greatly affect the meaning of the crystals, even linking them to different chakras and subtle bodies. Kyanite in general does not retain negative vibrations, giving it a generally calming effect. Kyanite helps with mental clarity and logical thought, making it an excellent stone to keep in the workplace.

    Blue kyanite, the most common kind, is used in sacral chakra work and is used by those seeking divine guidance. Blue kyanite is used in meditation to connect to one's spirit guides. Blue kyanite encourages psychic abilities and promotes healing dreams and lucid dreaming. It also promotes better dream recall, allowing you to read the true meaning of your dreams. It can promote healing dreams, revealing messages previously unknown to your conscious mind. Blue kyanite has a very high vibration, moving energy gently but in a very powerful way. Some have even used blue kyanite to lower blood pressure and heal the adrenal glands. When dealing with healing the physical body, you should always use traditional medical methods in conjunction with a more naturalistic approach.

    Green kyanite is more known for its calming effect, bringing tranquility to the wearer. It is more commonly used in healing the physical body as well, especially muscle pain or damage. Use this stone as a natural pain reliever by placing it on the problem area. The healing properties of green kyanite extend to emotions as well. The calming energy of this crystal heals old wounds you might be holding onto and eases your anxiety. Green kyanite aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly, bringing an almost overwhelming sense of peace.

    Orange kyanite has a more stimulating energy than the other color variations. It is used to increase yang energy, the brighter, more active energy that exists in the dichotomy of the yin-yang. Orange kyanites link to the throat chakra making it perfect for working to improve self-expression and better understanding of themselves. You can also use orange kyanite to encourage communication with those around you. When it comes to damaged relationships, this is an excellent stone for encouraging perseverance and compassionate communication. This clarity of communication can aid in repairing damaged relationships. It is an excellent stone for those struggling with self-expression and confidence. As a whole orange kyanite has a very stimulating energy that can open new neural pathways. It also has physical healing properties, especially related to the throat.

    Black kyanite is the opposite, linked to yin energy and grounding energy. Kyanite stone typically forms in sprays of bladed crystals, that resemble a sword to some. Legend says the Archangel Michael's sword was made from the crystal. Black kyanite does not retain negative vibrations, but it is amazing at keeping them at bay, protecting the wearer from negative energies. Kyanite aligns yin-yang energy and subtle bodies, clearing emotional blockages and restoring the meridian system. Black kyanite also strengthens your psychic abilities, bridging the gap between you and divine protectors. It encourages psychic abilities while protecting you from any negative energies that could block your path on your spiritual journey.

    What is Kyanite good for?

    Linked to the throat chakra, kyanite can dispel blockages of communication. It clears the way for self-expression and allows the user to speak one's truth. It is excellent for encouraging communication. Some use these crystals when working with the "third eye", the part of you most closely linked to divinity. Kyanite induces dream recall, allowing you to get in touch with your spirit guides in the world of dreams. Placing kyanite on your third eye (middle of the forehead) before sleep dispels blockages of psychic energy, can promote healing dreams, and puts you in touch with your spirit guides. Kyanite enhances your own psychic abilities and is excellent at encouraging communication in the mundane realm as well. Kyanite is frequently used in meditation to clear blockages in the throat chakra. It clears all subtle bodies, aligning yin-yang energy. This gives way to more linear and logical thought, free of emotional bias.

    Why is blue kyanite so expensive?

    Because of the mineral makeup of these metamorphic rocks, kyanite varies in hardness from one point of the stone to another. This factor mixed with it's perfect cleavage makes it very difficult to mine. The processes used in bead making, like cutting polishing, and faceting are more difficult as well. Kyanite crystal is also world-renowned for its beauty, making it very high in demand. Those factors all contribute to making kyanite more pricey than other stones.

    Is Kyanite crystal rare?

    Blue Kyanite occurs naturally alongside quartz and other metamorphic rocks. Its perfect cleavage and varying hardness point make it very difficult to cut and facet. Blue kyanite is a popular gemstone collector piece but is much rarer in the world of jewelry for these reasons.