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  • Color Lava Stone

    Type/Color: Natural stone, natural color (black), color enhanced (non-black)

    Cut: Matte round, oval, heishi, roundelle, square, cross, diamond, flower, free form, circle, puff coin, teardrop, star, tube, triangle, fish. Available in sizes 4mm to 26mm
    depending on cut.

    Hardness: 3-3 ½

    Composition/Origins: Lava stone is igneous volcanic rock. As the molten (liquid) volcanic rock cools, the tiny bubbles formed gives lava stone its unique textured appearance. Lava stone is found worldwide where volcanos have been active including Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, island countries, and New

    Colors/Pattern: Black, blue, brown, gray, fuchsia, green, purple, rainbow, red, tan,
    white, yellow.

    The unique porous patterns found in Lava Stone have been use by artists, jewelers
    and for aromatherapy to diffuse essential oils and to enhance designs. Explore our
    extensive collection of Lava Stone Beads for your designs and artwork!
    Stone Symbolism: Lava stone is associated with rebirth, the root chakra, and
    considered to have grounding and calming effects due to its link with the earth.

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