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  • Shungite

    Shungite has been popular for centuries. This naturally occurring mineral primarily comes from Russia. They were actually discovered in the village of Shunga, from which it gets its name.  Peter the Great also used shungite to filter water for the first spa. How cool!

    These Shungite beads have fantastic healing properties. It can help decrease stress. It is also well known to help boost tissue regeneration. It can’t regrow a lost limb like a lizard, but hey the scratch may heal quicker. And to add a cherry on top, they are anti-bacterial. 

    Shungite also has the ability to reduce electromagnetic frequencies. If you are not a science guru, like me, that is what your phone gives off. Those frequencies have negative health effects. And shungite removes those at a high rate. Even professional video game players have been known to keep these around their work station. Who would have guessed! Man these benefits keep on coming!

    If you need some Shungite beads, look no further. We at American Bead Corporation provide you gemstone beads at wholesale prices. If you want to clear your home of electromagnetic frequencies or spice up your jewelry, we are your guy and gals! Welcome to gemstone bead heaven!