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     Heishi (pronounced “hee shee”) beads are disc- or tube-shaped beads with squared or rounded edges. They are similar to heishi cut beads except they do not have faceted smooth round edges and tend to lie closer together when strung together.

    This type of bead originates from the Kewa Pueblo (Santa Domingo) and San Filipe Pueblo Native American cultures where disc- and tube-shaped beads were crafted from stone (turquoise), coral, shell, or metal.

    Heishi Beads are commonly seen in many Native American and African jewelry designs. Our collection of Heishi Beads come in smooth polished and matte finishes.

    Shop our  new collection of Heishi Gemstone Beads including aventurine, China chryoprase, labradorite, sodalite, and a variety of jasper (dalmatian, impression,
    Petoskey, picture). These classic beads come in a range of sizes from 2x4mm to

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