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  • Moonstone

    Type/Color: Natural stone, natural colors

    Cut: Smooth round, faceted (round, lucky, square, puffed coin, puffed
    pillow), precision cut faceted round and roundelle, free form, chips cuts. Available in sizes 2mm to 10mm depending on cut and color.

    Hardness: 6 – 6.5

    Composition/Origins: Type of feldspar gemstones with alternating layers of orthoclase and albite . They are found in Australia, Austria, Finland, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, New Mexico, and Virginia.

    Colors/Pattern: cream, white, yellow, peach-cream, orange. Moonstones can have a milky appearance with some degree of translucence (or adularescence) causing them to shimmer appear “moon-like.” Explore our Moonstone Bead collection for your jewelry and artwork designs. Consider them in combination with garnet, red crazy lace agate, amazonite, amethyst, or kyanite.

    Stone Symbolism: Moonstones have been considered sacred in many cultures evoking good luck. They are highly sought after for jewelry for royalty and between lovers. Moonstones are considered an alternative birthstone for the month of June. Moonstones are associated with “new beginnings,” fertility, protection, sleep, and a good focus for meditation. More on Moonstone symbolism here.

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    Moonstone is a type of feldspar named for its blueish interior glow (called adularescence) that resembles moonlight. This ethereal quality has made it a staple in many spiritual practices, from ancient Greeks worshipping Artemis to modern-day India where it is used in Hindu practices.

    Benefits of Moonstone Beads

    Moonstone has many healing properties, from emotional balance to fertility. Moonstone is said to open one's spiritual "third eye", worn by those looking to connect to the divine feminine. Keeping a moonstone by your bed is believed to aid lucid dreaming. It can also balance emotions and other things affected by the hormonal cycles of the body, bringing you back to your natural rhythms.

    Popular types of Moonstone

    1. Rainbow Moonstone

    This is actually not a true moonstone! Rather it is a type of labradorite with a very similar appearance (they are both felspars with adularescence). The unique feature is its color-shifting rainbow sheen. Rainbow moonstone beads are also more opaque.

    2. Gray Moonstone

    Gray moonstone is the darker, moodier cousin of regular and peach moonstone. This stone makes for more subtle jewelry, but the beautiful layers of light-catching pigments are still visible. This color produces a slight peachy sheen along with the blue you expect from moonstone.

    3. Peach Moonstone

    Along with the most well-known white, moonstone also comes in natural peach shades. The glow is softer than that of white moonstone, but when it catches light it is just as striking. Moonstone lovers wear peach moonstone beads with other moonstones to create a unique color pallet.

    4. Sterling Silver Moonstone

    Rainbow moonstone is often paired with sterling silver in jewelry making. Cool-toned white moonstone beads, nuggets, or cabochons compliment silver perfectly.

    5. White Moonstone

    This is the most common color of moonstone beads. The adularescence blue sheen adds a bit of interest to the neutral white color, making the moonstone a very versatile gemstone.

    6. Multi Section Moonstone Beads

    Our multi-section moonstone beads have a complete variety of shades on one strand. We only stock high-quality moonstones (as with all our heads), and all of the colors are high-grade.

    7. Moonstone Bead Bracelets

    Moonstones look particularly breathtaking when stacked together. A beaded bracelet will catch light and reflect a supernatural blue glow.

    8. Moonstone Nugget

    Nugget cut beads will be on a strand like any other shape, but they maintain the natural forms of simple tumbled stones. They slightly vary in shape and size, which has a very dynamic effect. This will give a more natural feel to your jewelry design. This is a perfect cut for using one bead as a necklace pendant or perhaps for setting in rings.

    What is the spiritual meaning of moonstone?

    In ancient times, the Romans used moonstone as an offering to the moon goddess Diana, patroness of hunters. In Hinduism, it is known as a "dream stone", and said to be made from moonbeams themselves. It is linked to the month of June, and with the zodiac sign Gemini.

    Is Moonstone real crystal?

    Moonstone is a naturally occurring crystal that is mined mainly in Australia, Madagascar, and India.

    Who should not wear a moonstone?

    While moonstone beads look lovely on anyone, spiritually they may not be for everyone. Some believe it actually should not be worn by Geminis, as it can heighten their already intense energy.

    What is moonstone good for?

    The divine feminine is often linked to moon symbolism, so women or those in need of feminine energy. Lovers or those seeking to enhance their relationship may also turn to moonstone, as it can kindle romance or deepen the love between those who are spiritually connected. It is even said to increase fertility, as the phases of the moon are believed to affect a woman's body during their menstrual cycle.