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  • Moonstone

    Type/Color: Natural stone, natural colors

    Cut: Smooth round, faceted (round, lucky, square, puffed coin, puffed
    pillow), precision cut faceted round and roundelle, free form, chips cuts. Available in sizes 2mm to 10mm depending on cut and color.

    Hardness: 6 – 6.5

    Composition/Origins: Type of feldspar gemstones with alternating layers of orthoclase and albite . They are found in Australia, Austria, Finland, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, New Mexico, and Virginia.

    Colors/Pattern: cream, white, yellow, peach-cream, orange. Moonstones can have a milky appearance with some degree of translucence (or adularescence) causing them to shimmer appear “moon-like.” Explore our Moonstone Bead collection for your jewelry and artwork designs. Consider them in combination with garnet, red crazy lace agate, amazonite, amethyst, or kyanite.

    Stone Symbolism: Moonstones have been considered sacred in many cultures evoking good luck. They are highly sought after for jewelry for royalty and between lovers. Moonstones are considered an alternative birthstone for the month of June. Moonstones are associated with “new beginnings,” fertility, protection, sleep, and a good focus for meditation. More on Moonstone symbolism here.

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