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  • Bracelet

    Bracelets are awesome right? Everyone loves bracelets. Kids wear them, men wear them, women wear them...everyone wears them. Even ancient kings and queens wore them. So how about gemstone bead bracelets? Now we are talking!

    We at American Bead Corporations have an abundance of gemstone beads for bracelets just for you! We have shungite beads, moonstone beads, and Larimar beads to name a few. Every gemstone you could possibly imagine. We have it!

    Our bracelets not only come in different gemstones, but in different sizes and shapes of the gemstones. We provide rounded to faceted or 4mm to 6mm. The possibilities are crazy! Go wild with your imagination. You can even mix and match. How cool!

    Like I said, the kings and queens of old wore bracelets as symbols of power and wealth. They had them made with fine jewels and gold. I can’t promise gold or silver or even giant sapphires, but I can promise they will have the same appeal. That’s why you are here right? These bracelets will demand the attention of your peers and highlight your greatest features.

    Physical beauty not your thing? That’s alright. How about healing properties. Great! You are in luck. We have many gemstone beads for bracelets that have wonderful healing properties. And bracelets are the perfect perch in which to mount those stones. What better way to keep those wonderful gemstones close to you!

    Visit our website or give us a call today! Let’s ordain that wrist!

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