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  • Stunning Shades of Blue, Lapis Lazuli is the Gemstone Bead for You

    January 27, 2022

    Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone occurring naturally in many stunning shades of blue: indigo, ultramarine, royal blue, azure, and celestial blue are but a few of the descriptive words that have been used to describe this metaphoric rock that has been treasured since ancient times. 

    Specimens of lapis have been found embedded with flecks of gold-colored, sparkling pyrite that contrast beautifully with its intense blue color, making lapis even more visually stunning. Lapis is the gemstone form of lazurite. Lazurite is the principal component, along with calcite, sodalite, and traces of pyrite. 

    Lapis means stone in Latin, and lazuli originally meaning sky or heaven in Arabic, so lapis lazuli means “sky stone” or “heaven stone.” An elegant and fitting name for such a highly valued and sought-after stone that was historically used as adornment, the pigment base for makeup, carvings, decorative arts, and ceremonial observances. Interestingly, when lapis was first exported to Europe in the Middle Ages, it was ground into a powder and used to make ultramarine paint, a costly and fine oil paint that Renaissance artists used in many paintings. 

    Metaphysically, lapis is a protective stone that channels inner peace and harmony. Lapis helps reveal compassion, truth, and honesty. Known as the “Wisdom Stone,” it activates the intellect and stimulates the higher mind. As the bluest of blue gemstones, lapis was a choice for royalty and used in religion, signifying a connection to the stars and heavens above. 

    The tradition of using lapis as adornment continues today. Lapis lazuli gemstones are a popular choice in jewelry making, and gemstone beads are favored in beading designs and projects. 

    Gorgeous gemstone beads are made in so many shapes and sizes and are available in so many beautiful shades of blue. 

    If you’re wondering where you can find an array of lapis gemstone beads for your beading projects and check out what American Bead Corporation offers. We have lapis beads wholesale in many shapes, sizes, and hues of blue. We also have handmade lapis bracelets and pennants. 

    The best thing about purchasing gemstones from American Bead Corporation is that we handpick our gemstone beads for quality assurance and guarantee high-quality beads at the very best competitive wholesale pricing.

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