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    February 25, 2021

    Worried about all the computers, cell phones, and other electric devices around? Real Shungite is your stone since it is associated with Electromagnetic Field (EMF) protection. Did you know real Shungite can also conduct electricity? Symbolically, Shungite is associated with stress relief absorbing negative energy, balancing emotions, and general body detoxification.

    Our Russian natural stone, natural color Shungite collection shows the natural deep black color of this unique stone. Real Shungite has a high carbon content, contains fullerenes (aka: buckyballs),a MOHS hardness of 3.5 to 4, and comes from Russia, specifically the Republic of Karelia.

    Peter the Great depended on the water purifying/antibacterial qualities of this stone for clean water for his own Karelian spa and water for armies in the early 18th century. “Carbon black” and “shungite natural black” are pigment colors used in paint since the mid-18th century. Shungite is known for its water purifying qualities partially due to its high carbon content and is documented scientifically since the 1970’s with recent research supporting this water filtration ability in 2017 and 2018. 

    Shop our unique Shungite collection in smooth round, matte round, twisted shape flat oval, nugget, roundelle, tear drop, flat oval, puff coin, barrel, lucky faceted in sizes 6 to 16mm depending on cut to inspire your designs.

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