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    February 25, 2021

    Seek protection with the satiny sheen of Selenite. Selenite is considered a protective stone bringing clarity of thought, insight, and spirituality and frequently seen in metaphysical and chakra (crown and third eye) work. If you are looking for a transparent stone with fine white ribbing (satin spar) for jewelry or to guide your meditation, Selenite is your choice!

    Selenite crystals come as small to large wands or glassy near-transparent sheets. They are beautifully translucent to pearly-white crystal with streaks of white or cream. Some of these crystals form into long thin sheets similar or mica such as those used as windowpanes in the Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome. You can find Selenite in the many places such as Austria, England, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and United States

    Selenite is a crystalized form of gypsum with a MOHS hardness of 2. That means is it softer than many gemstones. So, be sure to store your selenite in soft cloth and treat with care to prevent scratching. It is also water-soluble, so don’t  rinse or clean your selenite beads in water or cleaners.

    Explore our natural stone, natural color Selenite beads in sizes 6 to 12mm for your jewelry designs. Consider them as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, or wrapped as a pendant. Complementary stones are  combination with labradorite, amber, obsidian, blue sardonyx, or jade

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