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    April 05, 2024

    In today's discussion, we're exploring the realm of premium gemstone beads.

    These gemstones are often considered premium due to their distinctive value differences and are typically graded to reflect this.

    Examples of graded premium stones include malachite, lapis lazuli, and amethyst.

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    Ametrine Horizontal Hole Free Form 18x25mm

    Other gemstones like black onyx, rose quartz, and aventurine usually don't have grades as their quality differences are not as pronounced.

    In addition to malachite, lapis, and amethyst, there are other premium stones such as kyanite, iolite, morganite, and rutilated quartz.

    When selecting premium stones, you must inquire whether they are color-treated.

    Premium Stone Beads

    Apatite Free Form 25x35-30x40mm

    For instance, you may find a strikingly beautiful lapis at a lower price than a less vibrant one, but the former might be color-treated while the latter is natural.

    While color treatment is generally accepted in the market, if you prefer natural stones, you should ask the vendor about any treatments.

    Specific stones, like malachite, are usually not treated if they are genuine, as their natural color is already appealing.

    Premium Stone Beads

    Malachite Teardrop 10x14mm

    Amethyst is also typically untreated. However, stones like kyanite may undergo treatment.

    When dealing with premium stones, it's crucial to inquire about their treatment status and grade.

    Grading can vary, with some systems using A, B, A+, and B+ grades, while others, like our system, use G1 (Grade 1) and G2 (Grade 2).

    For example, an A-grade stone will have apparent banding in malachite, whereas a B-grade stone may have.


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