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    February 25, 2021

    Don’t forget  to have Hypersthene in your design toolbox for that bit of magic in your life! This protective gemstone is considered to be a “magical stone” hence the name “hypersthene” being coming from the Greek words for “hyper” (above) and “stonos” (power) in 1804. Hypersthene is also linked with quieting overactive thoughts, intuition, and the third eye and crown chakras. 

    Hypersthene (“orthopyroxene”) is a magnesium iron silicate with a MOHS hardness of 5.5 to 6. Australia, Czech Republic, Greenland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Canada (Labrador, Quebec), and the United States (Adirondack Mountains of New York are all places where you can find Hypersthene. Seen in gray, brown, green, greenish-brown, greenish-black, gray with copper or red metallic sheen, the colors in this gemstone can shift depending on the angle you are looking at it. 

    Explore our collection of lustrous natural stone, natural color Hypersthene round beads in sizes 6 to 10mm as an addition to your designs or by themselves for a rich look. Think how magical your designs will be with Hypersthene alone or in combination with selenite, labradorite, citrine, Picasso jasper or black cloudy amazonite for exceptional jewelry designs!   

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