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    February 25, 2021

    Strong spiritual grounding, balancing energy, strength, and courage are all characteristics liked to Hematite. Need some grounding and strength in these hectic times? Wear or carry Hematite with you.

    Hematite is actually iron oxide and mined as the primary ore of iron. You can find Hematite in many European countries (England, France, Germany, Italy), Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States. It has a MOHS hardness of 5 to 6.5 which makes it durable and popular.  

    Used as pigment since the Stone Age, Hematite is used alone or with other gemstones for jewelry, carvings, beads, and cabochons.

    The natural color of Hematite is black to steel/silver gray, brown to brownish-red, or red, but you can also find it coated (color enhanced) in a rainbow of colors. You can find bronze, copper, gold, silver, green, multi, peacock, blue, blue-gold, brown, rose, and rainbow in our collection of natural stone, color enhanced hematite beads.

    Consider the calming and cooling effects of Hematite as the center in your jewelry designs since there can be such a variety of colors due to the natural stone and coated (color enhanced) qualities commonly seen. Round (matte and smooth) beads are popular but to make your design unique weave in some non-round shapes such as chips, faceted roundelle, faceted cube, clover, arches, carved, diamond, hexagon, tube, snowflake, Buddha, ellipse, shell, sticks, and even flowers in sizes 2 to 10mm depending on cut. Your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sun catchers, and artwork will be simply dazzling with the multiple colors or patterns of Hematite. Add it alone or  combination with other gemstones including shungite, azurite, black onyx, agate, jasper, or gold stone. 

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