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  • Handcrafted Gemstone Bead Bracelets That Uplift and Inspire

    January 27, 2022

    You may know American Bead Corporation for the amazing array of gemstone beads they carry at very competitive prices. What you may not know is that they also have an extensive collection of handmade gemstone bead bracelets

    There are many reasons to wear authentic gemstone bead bracelets. Both women and men choose bracelets to make a personal fashion statement, to look and feel beautiful, and many choose to wear them because they believe in the healing and nurturing power of gemstones. 

    Not only do we have a variety of bracelets available, we have oodles of bracelets made from gemstones that protect, nurture, inspire and heal. 

    Let us introduce you to the best-selling gemstone beads that we use in our bracelets and explain why these gemstones are so popular. Here are three of our favorites:

    • Tiger Eye- The Tiger Eye gemstone is your stone if you are looking for a powerful bead that reinforces courage, power, and fearlessness. Tiger Eye is available in an array of rich and warm colors ranging from amber to reddish-brown, and it has a very silky luster. When light hits tiger eye, it has the same effect as when light bounces off a cat’s eye and it is mesmerizing! Tiger Eye is an all-around great gemstone to wear to cultivate self-confidence, positivity, and clarity of goals and intentions. 

    • Jade- An excellent choice that promotes luck, success, and prosperity. Connected to the Heart chakra, jade helps with all matters of the heart spiritually and physically. You may associate jade with shades of green, but it also comes in a rainbow of colors. Known as a totem of friendship, which makes jade gemstone bracelets ideal to give as gifts. 

    • Black Cloudy Amazonite- There are many beautiful colors to be found in Black Cloudy Amazonite gemstone beads — from soft pastels to deep greys and blacks with an occasional bead featuring rusty orange-red! With their predominantly soft colors and opaque appearance, Black Cloudy Amazonite beads have a soothing effect and are known for their healing properties and calming effects. An alluring gemstone bead bracelet to choose to feel centered and focused. 

    These gemstones are only three of the many that we use to handcraft our bracelets — Visit the American Bead Corporation website and have a look at our extensive gemstone bead bracelet collection. We have a bracelet, or several that are perfect for you!

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