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  • Gemstone Pendants are Trending This Spring

    May 23, 2022

    Gemstone pendants are making a big splash this spring, and this trend will be big this summer and beyond. These pendants are fresh, fun, and wildly popular. If you aren't sure which gemstone pendants are currently popular, let's look at what's available. 

    Wings- Take fanciful flight with wing pendants. Wings can be made from carved gemstones or other flashy organic materials such as abalone or creamy white mother of pearl. Wings symbolize freedom, flight, and spirituality. Adding just one is a powerful statement; adding more just looks good. Gemstone wings made of lapis, white howlite, tiger eye, and red jasper are simply gorgeous. 

    Skulls- Available in matte and glossy, every color imaginable, skull pendants are considered a good luck charm in many cultures warding off evil spirits and illness. Skulls have been popular in jewelry designs for a long time and are currently experiencing a resurgence. Hematile coated in silver, gold or rainbow, silver pyrite, and other festive colors and materials; skulls are making a crushing come-back. 

    Mushrooms- Fungi are currently a very hot fashion item right now. Mushroom pendants are natural and fresh and look great when carved out of gemstones. Look for fashionable fungi made from moss agate, rose quartz, unakite, and aventurine. 

    Dolphins- Carved dainty dolphins are just cool, no matter what material they are made from. A dolphin pendant never goes out of style and always looks chic. Dolphins symbolize our connection to the ocean and these playful and intelligent marine mammals.  

    Seahorses- Another fun pendant with an ocean theme is the seahorse. With their excellent eyesight, seahorses represent intuition and the ability to see the present, the past, and the future. These sea creatures have been long-used in folklore and as totems for cultures near the sea, and we continue the tradition with seahorse jewelry and pendants. 

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