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    February 25, 2021

    Faith, truth, and prosperity have been linked to Garnets because they were used in jewelry and decoration in ancient Samaria (2100 B.C.), Sweden (1000-2000 B.C), Greek, Roman, and Aztec civilizations.  Health,  strength, and security are also connected with garnets. Born in January? Lucky you. Your birthstone is the Garnet! For more on Garnet symbolism click here. 

    Commonly found worldwide, most Garnets are kinds of aluminum silicates with a MOHS hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 Garnets can be transparent to opaque. You can find them in natural shades of red, pink, orange, brown, green, purple, with a variety of interesting color combinations (red-purple, red-brown, orange-brown, green-brown, brown-green-yellow-orange-red). Did you know that Garnets are not a single species? Instead, they are much more complex being made up of many species and varieties. 

    Common types of Garnet beads (see our collection) are smooth and matte rounds, faceted rounds, precision cut faceted rounds and roundelle, flat oval, free form, chips, and heishi cuts. Our collection of Garnet beads come  in sizes 2 to 12mm depending on cut and color.

    Garnets are a good staple for your designer toolbox. Consider our natural stone, natural color Garnets alone as earrings (stacked or single), bracelets (wrapped, stacked or single), necklaces or chokers or pendants. What do you think about combining your Garnets with citrine, selenite, moonstone, or rose quartz?

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