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  • Gemstone Bead Talk: Amazonite

    March 29, 2024

    Amazonite is a highly sought-after gemstone bead, renowned for its captivating color and distinctive inclusions.

    Among the various types of Amazonite, the blue-hued variant from China is the most favored.

    Amazonite Round Beads 8mm

    This particular Amazonite boasts a rich, darker blue shade that sets it apart.

    Additionally, there's a unique variant known as Rainbow Amazonite, also sourced from China, which features a blue base with intriguing yellowish inclusions and occasional black spots, sometimes referred to as Black Cloudy Amazonite.

    Black Cloudy Amazonite Round Beads 8mm

    While Chinese Amazonite is widely popular, there's another type called Peruvian Amazonite, which is more expensive due to its exquisite color and distinct blue tone.

    However, this tone may not appeal to everyone, making the Chinese Amazonite the preferred choice for many. Amazonite is not the hardest of stones, and its faceted form may not exhibit the same beauty as other crystals in the family.

    However, when given a matte finish, Amazonite takes on a unique and appealing tone, making matte Amazonite the most popular choice among matte-finished beads.

    Matte Amazonite Round Beads 8mm

    Amazonite is commonly used in 8mm round beads for crafting bracelets, and the large-hole Amazonite beads are also popular for creating necklaces with leather cords. Overall, Amazonite continues to be a top choice among gemstone beads in the market.


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