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  • Quality Gems: A Decades-Long Commitment in a Competitive Market

    April 03, 2024

    Our Commitment to Quality in the Gemstone bead Business. With over 25 years of experience in the gemstone industry, our guiding principle has always been quality.

    Despite facing intense competition with products priced as low as $1 or $2, we strive to maintain competitive pricing while prioritizing quality control and improvement.

    Our dedication to quality is evident in our selective vendor partnerships.

    Out of hundreds of vendors in Asia, we only collaborate with those who share our commitment to quality.

    Here's how we approach quality:

    1. Authenticity of Gemstones

    We ensure that our gemstones are genuine. In a market flooded with imitations, it's crucial to distinguish between real and fake stones.

    For instance, even the least expensive turquoise, like Chinese Turquoise, has seen a price increase of approximately 500% in the last 15 years due to limited deposits. This highlights the importance of authenticity in our products.

    2. Transparency with Customers

    We believe in educating our customers about the origins and evolution of gemstones. For example, most rose quartz in the market is dyed, while only Madagascar Rose Quartz retains its natural color.

    Similarly, black onyx is almost always dyed, and many stones like hematite have synthetic counterparts that are often mistaken for the real thing.

    3. Selection of Colored Stones

    We are meticulous in selecting colored stones, ensuring they are natural and not just visually appealing.

    For instance, impression jasper is colorful, but its quality can vary significantly based on whether it is a natural stone or a powder composite.

    Our commitment to quality means we do not compromise our standards for lower prices.

    This approach has resulted in minimal returns due to quality issues.

    We believe in providing value, not just low prices.

    A higher-priced product may offer better value in the long run

    High standard in quality control will result in better experience for your customers too. As a result , you will have better customer loyalty and better life time value from your own customers.


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