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  • 10 Best Healing Bracelets for Women

    September 29, 2023

    Those of you who lean into feminine energy know how important jewelry can be. It's like wearing armor. But what if your jewels also had healing properties?

    10 Best Healing Bracelets for Women

    Healing crystal bracelets are very popular for those in need of spiritual guidance in their everyday life. But with so many different gemstones on the market, it can be hard to pick just one. Hopefully, this list of popular crystal healing bracelets will help you find the energy you are looking for.

    1. Crystal Bracelets

    Crystal bracelets come in many colors, styles, and shapes! The most popular healing crystal bracelets have powerful healing effects that suit the individual needs of each wearer.

    2. Rose Quartz Bracelets

    Rose quartz crystal bracelets are always a popular choice. These crystals are linked to the heart chakra. They can promote inner peace and bring positive energy and love into the life of the wearer.

    3. Tiger's eye bracelet

    Tiger's eye is associated with Capricorn. If you are familiar with zodiac signs, you know this earthy sign is persistent and self-assured. This is the perfect healing bracelet when you need an extra boost in resilience.

    4. Abalone Bracelets

    Ethereal abalone, born from the ocean is said to bring balance and inner healing. The naturally iridescent finish of this gemstone makes stunning bracelets.

    5. Silver Panda Bracelets

    The mighty "bear cat" is known both as a symbol of softness and strength. Due to their resemblance to the yin and yang, panda symbols (statuettes or healing bracelets) are said to bring balance and wisdom.

    6. Baltic Amber Chips Bracelets

    Baltic amber is not a gemstone or crystal, but a resin type. Formed from ancient tree sap, these beads make powerful healing bracelets that boost energy and awaken inner strength.

    7. Silver Unicorn Bracelets

    The unicorn is an interesting symbol. Uniqueness, mystique, purity, and freedom. If you feel your soul is both gentle and quietly powerful, wearing a unicorn bracelet is perfect for you!

    8. Acrylic Bracelets

    Unlike a crystal bracelet, acrylic beads are entirely man-made. This gives us the freedom to create any color combination, energy-boosting neons, or earthy neutrals.

    9. Braided Rice Bead Bracelet

    Tiny beads (resembling grains of rice) are woven together to create unique and intricate designs. These beads are perfect for creating an evil eye bracelet. The bright blue symbol wards off negative energy.

    10. Mohogony Mala Bracelet

    Mala is designed to help quiet your mind during meditation. The hue of the beads determines their energy. The rich brown of mahogany brings calming energy, healing your root chakra.

    Benefits of Bead Bracelets for Women

    1-2 sentences about benefits

    Each crystal has its own list of potential benefits. Even if you are a spiritual skeptic, having these associations in your mind will bring a bit of a placebo effect. And you'll be wearing beautiful jewelry!

    1. Self Confidence

    There are many different kinds of self-confidence! Maybe you need the fierceness of a tiger's eye, the smooth steadiness of amazonite, the inner peace amethyst brings, or the pure loving energy of rose quartz. Any of these stones would make a lovely crystal bracelet!

    2. Reduce stress

    Amethyst is the master healer of anxiety and stress. This stone is associated with the third eye chakra, bringing mental clarity and peace.

    3. Self Love

    Rose quartz is used often in healing crystal bracelets that promote self-love. If you are looking for more firey energy to revive your sense of self, you could also try red jasper.

    4. Self Expression

    Healing crystal bracelets of amazonite or turquoise are excellent for healing the throat chakra, the chakra linked to self-expression and communication.

    5. Spiritual Awareness

    Reaching higher awareness and raising your energy field are some of the most difficult parts of one's spiritual journey. If you're looking for help in that department, you want crystals linked to the crown chakra, such as lapis lazuli or amethyst.

    6. Happiness

    Black tourmaline will suck the negative energy out of your life! This gives room for happiness, which can be aided by wearing bright citrine. This powerful crystal combo brings new beginnings, and they make fantasy energy bracelets.

    What wrist do you wear a bead bracelet on?

    Wrists are energy points, with the left being the "receiving" hand and the right is the 'giving" hand. Which wrist you wear your healing crystal bracelet on determines if their energy will be radiated outward or inward.

    Why are bead bracelets so popular?

    Healing stones and crystals have been a staple of many spiritual practices for centuries. Wearing gemstone bracelets is a great way to take the potential benefits of your favorite gemstone with you wherever you go!

    What is the latest trend in bead bracelets for women?

    We have compiled a pretty solid list of the most popular kinds of healing bracelets. From classic choices like rose quartz and amethyst, to bright bold stones like lapis lazuli and tiger's eye! Final thoughts; Popular healing bracelets are more varied than one might think, so don't be afraid to reach for stones you're unfamiliar with!

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