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  • coated lava stone gold round beads 10mm


    Product Description

    • 100% Natural Stones with 100% Natural Color: These naturally occurring lava stone beads are 100% natural with ZERO color enhancement. We think they are better that way.

    • Explosive Creation: Lava stone is hardened molten rock that spewed out from an active volcano. How cool is that.

    • Deep Black Color: These lava stone beads are a deep mystical black. Almost resembling the abyss of space. 

    • Poros Durability: Lava stones are poros by nature. As such they are not as sturdy as other gemstones. Be sure to take care of them.

    • Fantastic Versatile Uses: Lava stones make wonderful essential oil diffusers. A couple drops of essential oil and you are good to go. By nature, lava stones are lightweight. Therefore perfect for all day jewelry wearing.

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