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  • black kyanite round beads 8mm 16 inch strand


    Natural stone , Natural color

    Black Kyanite

    We love Kyanite! We absolutely love it for so many reasons. It’s colors are absolutely
    breathtaking. From joyous teal to shimmering dark blue and from beautiful white to calming near-black. Did you know that kyanite comes from the ancient Greek word kyanos meaning “dark blue.” Go figure!

    For you geology gurus out there, Kyanite has a hardness on the Mohs scale of 4.5-7. For us simple folk, that means that it is plenty sturdy to survive a tumble in the washing machine. You know...when it gets thrown in by mistake. Also, that means that it’s shininess and resistance to scratches will last a good long while. .

    These lovely little stones are formed from the immense pressure of tectonic collisions. This high stress environment creates a wood-like pattern. This gives each stone a unique, shimmering- from-within personality. Just like you!

    Guess what! Kyanite can even align your positive energy during meditation. And some say, when you sleep it will protect you in your dreams. It is like you own little guardian angel.

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