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    An ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition has harbored belief in the mythical kingdom of Shamballa, a place where the enlightened live on forever in peace, for centuries. The Western world was introduced to this idea along with many other Eastern traditions in the 1960s. Shamballa beads became a symbol for those on a spiritual journey, who wanted to learn about different religious traditions and make that place of peace their home.

    Popular Types of Shamballa Beads

    Shamballa bracelets

    Shamballa bracelets are a combination of beaded and macrame jewelry. They are based on jewelry used in Buddhist meditation.

    Shamballa beads are always almost always round, so the main variations are in size and color. We have a whole rainbow shamballa products for you to discover.

    White Shamballa Jewels

    White is the color of purity and innocence. Wearing white shamballa beads will bring you pure peace and contentment.

    Light Purple Shamballa Jewels

    The crown chakra is usually represented by the color purple. Working your way up the body, and unblocking the crown chakra is the final step to reaching true spiritual enlightenment.

    Blue Shamballa Jewels

    If you are looking for ways to more easily communicate your feelings, or fully express your creative vision, blue shamballa jewels might be exactly what you need. Linked to the throat chakra, blue represents freedom of both thought and expression.

    Yellow Shamballa Jewels

    The warmth of sunrays, the zest of a lemon, dandelions bursting through the concrete sidewalk. Yellow is a bold color that promotes joy, creativity, and optimism.

    Pink Shamballa Jewels

    The color of romance! Pink Shamballa jewels may attract the love of others, but they will also bring deeper love of the self.

    Gold Shamballa Jewels

    Luxury, wealth, power, and self-confidence. Whether your bracelet has gold details or is entirely made of golden Shamballa jewels, this eye-catching finish will make you feel like you're wearing gold-plated armor

    What are Shamballa beads made of?

    Shamballa jewels are made from synthetic materials, usually studded with small rhinestones.

    Are Shamballa Bracelets still popular?

    Shamballa bracelets are some of the most popular kinds of spiritual jewelry on the market today. Customers in search of a simple piece with deep meaning chose these items more than any other.