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  • bamboo coral orange heishi 4x6mm


    Bamboo Coral starts out as coral polyps, which are living organisms found in the ocean. As the coral matures, the polyps die and harden into branch-like structures made of calcium carbonate. The branches of coral are collected, polished, and made into beads. The most common colors are variations of red and orange, but coral also comes in other colors. Bamboo Coral is named as such because it looks similar to bamboo.

    The array of colors, textures, and shapes of Bamboo Coral beads make for an intriguing addition to any bead collection. Using Bamboo Coral beads in your beading project or designs is truly a unique choice—there aren’t any substitutes for coral.

    As a gift from the sea, Bamboo Coral has an intense healing energy and stimulates emotional growth, and attracts success and wealth.

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