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  • amazonite round beads 14mm


    The beautiful range of turquoise colors you see in our Amazonite bead collection is breathtaking—from opaque blue-green to bright turquoise to deep-sea blues, also available varying shades of grey and brown for added contrast. There is some confusion about the name; it was initially thought Amazonite was from the Amazon after seeing indigenous people wearing it, but there is no evidence of its presence there; the name stuck. Amazonite is a microcline, a member of the feldspar mineral group.

    With so many lovely colors, sizes, and shapes of Amazonite available, this inexpensive yet alluring bead adding a variety of these beads to your personal collection is a wise choice.

    Amazonite is renowned for its healing properties, specifically for the heart, throat, and nervous system. They are also thought of as bringing a bit of good luck to games of chance, competitions, and financial undertakings.

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