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Things you may want to know about American Bead

Payment Terms

If you have previously set up “ net on receipt “ terms , you will see a sign “ net payment check out “ . If you have problems seeing the sign , text us for immediate assistance . 917-392-3876 . For net on receipt account , we are expecting a payment upon receipt of orders . We may have to consider the option to turn the term from net on receipt to pay on check out if payment is frequently and significantly late . We no longer offer 30 day net. Thank you for understanding and cooperation

Customer Service

You can contact us in the following ways:

Phone : 800-279-8960 ( Monday to Friday 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 pm Eastern Time

Email: (Reply usually in 24 hours)

Text : 917-392-3876 (Usually reply in 2 hours)




Order Tracking

You will get an immediate order confirmation if you have made payment upon checking out . For net on receipt account , you will get an order confirmation in 48 hours . For shipping time , you will get a UPS notification when your order shipped out from our Connecticut Warehouse

Henry Smith

"We used to only buy our gemstone beads at trade shows or places where we could hand pick,The quality of gemstone beads from American bead is so good and consistent that we are now very comfortable shopping monthly our gemstone beads Here . Appreciate the hard work American Bead Team puts into quality control ."

What our customer's say

Victoria Walsh

"We were overwhelmed by the variety of gemstone beads when we first got to know American Bead Corp .years ago . Now we are a regular shopper here to find new gemstone beads and beading ideas . By far , I workd say , the site has the largest selection of gemstone beads from smooth rounds to various unique shapes . Though shipping time takes like 5 to 7 days , for the amazing variety , it is worth it . Besides almost no need to return anything for quality reason .

Thank you all at American Bead "

Anathasia Spade

"For increasing demand of my healing bracelets , I have been search for a gemstone bead expert supplier with good variety and high quality . I think I found it . I can almost find all my gem stone beads here on Amerucan Bead site browsing through their collections . What is more , I can already repurchase the same gemstone beads once I have used up my supply . A good place to shop for gemstone bead jewelry designers ! "

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