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How many beads on a Strands?


 Pricing and Wholesale Price

Our listed prices are already wholesale pricing . To qualify for the wholesale pricing , we require a minimum $100 per order and 5 strand per item . Please text us if you think you order will be over $200 and we may send you a discount code.

Email: support@americanbeadcorp.com

Text us:  917-392-3876


Delivery time

As we have over 25000 quality gemstone beads online , they are shipped from our warehouse in Asia . Shipping time is from 5-8 days.

Referral Program

Please email us at support@americanbeadcorp.com for details of referral benefits . This is usually 20-40% of the total order value of the customers first order net sales.


Reviews and Suggestion

We will sometimes send you email for your reviews and comment for us to improve on our products and services.

Minimum Order

We have a minimum order of $100 per order wholesale and 5 strand minimum per item. New customers may text us 917-392-3876 for assistance on the minimum stand requirement

Quality You Can Trust

We are well known for our commitment to high quality and sourcing the best and most diverse array of gemstones to meet your needs for over 20 years. Quality is our passion and our commitment to you! .


We charge only a flat shipping fee of $9.80 unless your order is over 20 lbs


We accept all online payments of credit card and PayPal On in some occasions we may offer a net on receipt payment .

How to Find Products

Our Top Banner and Home Page Collection Banners are developed our customers in mind . You may find most of what you are looking for throughout those banners . If not, then use Search  function on top left side of Home Page.

You can also use Category bars such as; Stones, and Shapes . If you still cannot find that you need, “ text us at: 917-392-3876

Return Policy

You may return items 30 days after receipt of your products and we will refund in the most convenient way for you.


We usually fill our orders 95-100% . If anything is out of stock and you have made payment , you will receive a refund before receiving the order . For net on receipt customers , the out of stock items will be taken off your invoice.

Ways to Sort Out Your Orders

Every item in your order is numbered on plastic bag which matches the item sequence number on left side of your invoice. Length of Strand

Our beads are all sold in 15.5 to -16 inch strands. Chips are sold in 36 inch strands. See the chart on this page for approximate pieces per each strand .

Discount View

If you are entitled any cart discount or promotional discount , you will see the original price and discounted price side by side with each product on your invoice

Length of Strand

Our beads are all sold in 15.5-16 inch strand and Chips are sold in 36 inch. See the chart on top of FAQ page for approximate pieces for each strand .

Natural Stone & Natural Color = Priceless

Knowing how to identify natural stone with natural color before you buy is priceless. Though 95% of our beads are of natural stone and natural colors, we have marked all of our beads as “natural stone, natural color, ornatural stone, enhanced color on our product pages for your convenience. You can buy with confidence knowing just what you purchase.


If you have lost your log in information , and need help , please text us 917-392-3876 for immediate assistance . You can also just click “ lost password “ , the system will send you a reset pass word email.

Payment Terms

If you have previously set up “ net on receipt “ terms , you will see a sign “ net payment check out “ . If you have problems seeing the sign , text us for immediate assistance . 917-392-3876 . For net on receipt account , we are expecting a payment upon receipt of orders . We may have to consider the option to turn the term from net on receipt to pay on check out if payment is frequently and significantly late . We no longer offer 30 day net. Thank you for understanding and cooperation .

Customer Service

You can contact us in the following ways:

Phone : 800-279-8960 ( Monday to Friday 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 pm Eastern Time

Email : support@americanbeadcorp.com (Reply usually in 24 hours)

Text : 917-392-3876 (Usually reply in 2 hours)


Order Tracking

You will get an immediate order confirmation if you have made payment upon checking out . For net on receipt account , you will get an order confirmation in 48 hours . For shipping time , you will get a UPS notification when your order shipped out from our Connecticut Warehouse

Email Subscription

We send new product and promotion information emails out 2-3 times a week .This is meant to provide updated product information to you as a valued customer.

SMS Text Messaging for Pre-sale New Products

We also provide pre-launch views of new products and unique product by text messaging . Text us your mobile phone with a subject line "Join SMS service " at 917-392-3876   We will text you the product information before they are available online!



We offer fixed all time discount to quantity buyers based on their 3 Month purchase volume. If you require this fixed discount , send an email to support@americanbeadcorp.com for assistance.We are also working on an automatic quantity discount for those who don’t have cart discount.

What is the difference between natural and enhanced color?

Natural Color gemstones are the same color as the natural stone without anything done to improve the color or clarity.
Enhanced (dyed or heat treated) color stones are heat treated or dyed to bring out the vibrance of the color or increase the patterns. Impression jasper and druzy agate are commonly dyed (or coated) and you can see this in the description: “Impression Jasper Green Graduated Stick ”and “Coated Agate Druzy Round Beads.”

What do you mean by “natural stone”?

Natural (real) gemstones are mined directly from the earth. Nothing is done to them other than cleaning, cutting and polishing. Natural Color gemstones are the same color as the natural stone without anything done to improve the color or clarity

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