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  • You’ll Love These Awesome Lava Stone Beads

    September 12, 2020

    You’ll Love These Awesome Lava Stone Beads

    What Exactly Is Lava Stone? Why Is It So Popular?

    I am by no means a geologist, but here is a little origin story about lava stone. Proper geologists call lava stone, volcanic rock. I am not a geologist, so I will stick with lava stone. Plus I think it is cooler that way.

    Anyways, lava stone is cooled molten lava that has erupted from volcanoes. Think about how  you could be holding a piece of the venerable Mt. Vesuvius. Or scrap of the towering Mt. Fuji. How cool is that!

    Best part of their volcanic history...they are 100% natural. And to add a cherry on top, we have added ZERO color enhancements. What you get came straight out of the earth’s crust .

    Lava stone is so popular for a multitude of reasons. Coming from volcanoes is a big reason. But there are plenty of others, so keep on reading. 

    The Color is Black...Like Darth Vader’s Cape

    If you are a fan of the color black this gemstone is for you! The color of lava stone gemstones are  black. Like a deep mystical black. It could almost be said to remind of the color of the cape of Darth Vader. That just means it is super black . 

    If you plan to wear these lava stone beads as jewelry, the possibilities are endless. Black goes with anything. These lava stone beads would complement a black dress on date night. Or they would pair wonderfully with a pair of black jeans at the next rock concert. 

    Durability Is Not A Friend Of Lava Stones

    The cavemen would have definitely not used lava stone for their tools. For any of you familiar with volcanic rocks, know that they are poros, or somewhat hollow. That makes them not as tough as other gemstones. Nevertheless, if you are gentle with them, they will last a good long while for you.

    The poros nature does have a bonus though. It gives lava stone a unique sponge-like texture to them. This is exclusive to lava stones. This will add some great variation to your gemstone collection.

    Lava Stone’s Versatility Might Surprise You

    Lava stone beads’s versatility is as flexible as an olympic gymnast. 

    First, you can use to create or upgrade your jewelry. They are extremely lightweight which greatly improves their wearability for extended periods of time. Hello to all night dancing!

    Secondly, if you like to make things by hand, they are fantastic DIY crafts. Let your imagination run wild!

    Lastly, lava stone makes for an excellent essential oil diffuser. Just add your favorite oil and bask in the aromatherapy!

    Thousands Of Lava Stone Gemstones Are Here For You
    The American Bead Corporation is here to help. We sell lava stone beads and other gemstone beads in bulk. We are the premier gemstone bead wholesaler. We have gemstone beads in the thousands. Perfect for every occasion!

    Head on over to our website today or give us a call to pick some up today!

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