Seed and Bugle Beads

March 14, 2020

Seed and Bugle Beads

Bugle beads are a versatile addition to any beadwork. They can add length to fringe, texture to bead embroidery yet sometimes it seems as though beaders have forgotten about this once-popular glass bead Bugles are made just like any other round seed bead where the glass is pulled through a shaping tube, but bugle beads are chopped at a slower interval, resulting in the longer length. Standard sizes of bugle beads start at size 2 ( 4mm), and range all the way up
to 35mm. Bugle beads really give you a lot of value for your dollar. The shape of bugle beads isb by nature more organic (Think about your favorite bead-weaving stitch done with bugles instead of round seed beads!) there was a huge tremendous demand in bugle beads,  crystal silver and crystal aurora, mainly
due to the bridal industry. We love colors!. Seed beads! The most colorful and versatile of beads, and can be transformed into elegant seed beaded creation. We value world standard high quality Seed and Bugle Beads. 

Today plenty of seed and bugles are used on garments and Accessories, they are popular local and international. Because of the high demand most bugle beads are bought and sold in quantities and they can be purchased from most local bead shops or online but remember to buy only from trustworthy stores with high quality products, is open 24/7 to help you. Buy as many as possible, because if you run out, you may never see that color or finish ever again!


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