Insider Gem Fashion Info,..2019 Pantone Color Predictions!

December 18, 2018

Insider Gem Fashion Info,..2019 Pantone Color Predictions!

Pantone Predictions for 2019

Predicting trends and staying ahead of the curve is increasingly important in the bead business. Knowing the right merchandise is vital to reduce costs, keep your customers coming back and for warehousing. At American Bead Corp, we believe in equipping our customers with the tools to perform better in business. That’s why we’ve got the Insider Info for the Pantone predicted hottest colors and stones for 2019 to help you stay prepared.

Here it is, Click on each Month to view the collection.





Nebulas, blue and tofu

Topaz, rainbow moonstone, white sapphire


Crocus petal, ultraviolet

Amethyst, ametrine, charoite, sugilite


Spring crocus, arcadia

Turquoise, green rutilated, azurite, apatite


Blooming dahlia, almost mauve

Kunzite, pink opal, morganite, pink topaz


Arcadia, lime punch

Malachite, peridot, green garnet, diopside


Aspen gold, turmeric

Calcite, fire, agate, lemon quartz, tanzanite


Pink peacock, pepper stem

Watermelon, tourmaline, ruby zoisite, green amethyst


Quetzal green, nebulas blue

Turquoise, denim lapis, apatite


Pepper stem, tererium moss

Canadian jade, meteorite, green rutile,


Russet orange, meerkat

Amber, citrine, yellow calcite, yellow opal


Martini olive, brown granite

Botswana, agate, bronzite, golden rutile


Jet black, quiet gray

Black spinel, tourmalated quartz, black tourmaline, labradorite


As a business we take our inventory planning very seriously because of the additional costs associated with inventory management such as discounting and warehousing. In ideal scenarios, it is best to employ a just in time approach to inventory using analytics to understand seasonality and therefore stock items just before they are requested.


With regards to items to stock, the colder months evoke different emotions and a different color palette, and your supply should be set up to meet this changing demand to increase sales. Summer calls for brightness and colors such as aspen gold and other yellowy hues which are in high demand. These vibrant colors matched with stones such as agate, calcite to harness the heat make the colors boldly stand out and acts as the perfect accessory for the summer.


The importance of well-planned inventory cannot be overemphasized, you don’t want your customers looking elsewhere so make sure you know what’s trending and add it to your inventory plan. Preparation is vital, plan your inventory ahead to meet the seasonal customer needs, anticipate your orders by looking at last year’s activities and analytics, a robust technology platform will allow you to easily perform this type of analysis


Some questions you should be asking:

How much inventory you should have in stock?

How many orders to expect?

What kind of issues you had last year and how to overcome them?


There are some staple items that will never go out of fashion make sure you have those in good supply to ensure consistency and to ensure that you have products that will always sell. These will be complemented by the seasonal pieces we listed above.

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