Gemstone Beads

March 11, 2020

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend as everyone is saying but make no mistakes, we love our gemstone beads. Let me tell you something a little bit about history, tools advanced and early humans improved their bead-making skills. Beads were one of the first forms of decoration, Why? The answered, is the need to adorn ourselves, to make ourselves feel good and special. And Beads weren’t just for women. Men wore them too for many centuries up to this day. We have to admit it’s fascinating to think that jewelry is essential to human nature. And the demand of the market is astonishing, As the market grew for more beautiful gemstone beads, bead makers developed better tools, honed their skills, and rapidly advanced their art, and made their  designs more popular than ever. A beautiful finished design brings a whole other layer of satisfaction









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