Create Beautiful Holiday Gemstone Jewelry

December 05, 2018

Create Beautiful Holiday Gemstone Jewelry

Holiday Jewelry Creations


The holidays are probably the best time of the year to increase jewelry sales. Businesses are looking to boost their inventory to take advantage of the surge in demand the holidays bring, buyers are trying to anticipate trends and consumers are looking to buy gifts. Planning holiday inventory and special promotions is a must to capture this seasonal audience, at American Bead Corp, we want to help you make the most of this time of the year with our good cheer!


Here are our top 10 winter favorite gemstones!

  1. Snow Quartz: Representing the purity of winter, Snow Quartz is believed to bring good fortune. Known for it’s ability to foster soothing energy and bring about calm, Snow Quartz is often used to help with purification on a spiritual level
  2. Azurite - A stone of mystery and magic, the stunning blues of Azurite will help you to deepen vision and have more clarity when communicating with your guides, team, and higher self. 
  3. Black Onyx - During this time of reflection, Black Onyx helps you to deepen your connection with self – allowing you to understand what motivates you and choose wisely for the upcoming year. Black Onyx is also a grounding stone, which you to release any negativity you may be carrying. 
  4. Bloodstone - A powerful healing stone, bloodstone is known for it’s grounding properties. A stone of courage, bloodstone brings love into any situation. 
  5. Amber - captures the warmth of the bright summer sun in a small gemstone. In ancient times, people actually thought that amber was made from small, solid pieces of the sun. And can bring some warmth to the winter months.
  6. Sunstone - during the winter, when it seems like daylight hours are preciously short, wearing sunstone is said to help inspire joy, helping one to nurture oneself, and to increase physical energy — all useful qualities when we find ourselves slogging through the wet, cold dreary days of February. Sunstone is also believed by some to help with metabolism and digestion, which doesn't mean that you should cheat on your New Year's diet, but, hey, wearing a bracelet with a couple of sunstone beads on it can't hurt, right?
  7. Angelite - This soft blue stone, similar chemically to gypsum, reminds me of the intense blue skies that often appear the day after a winter snowstorm or blizzard. Angelite is associated with Aquarians, anyone who was born between January 20 and February 18. Some people believe that it can relieve anxiety when you find yourself in a stressful situation, which makes it perfect to carry or wear during winter travel when flights and trains are often delayed due to weather.
  8. Garnet - A stone of fire and vitality, Garnet has also been used in Winter Solstice celebrations for a long period of time. An ancient talisman, Garnet is a stone of that helps you use your creative energy to create new life, to complete your goals with enthusiasm, and reach your goals. 
  9. Seraphinite - a marbled fir green and white gemstone that has been used to promote healing and well-being in the body. This makes it a popular choice for the winter months when colds and the flu are traveling around.
  10. Labradorite - This striking gemstone has a cloudy grey and copper shade at its base, but when the light hits it, it turns into a stunning array of shades. Labradorite can appear to be blue, violet, deep green, vibrant gold or a rich orange shade. Many people compare this winter gemstone’s appearance to the Northern Lights.


For jewelry making businesses this creates a unique opportunity to connect and build stronger relationships with your customers around jewelry making:


  1. Social aspect - Jewelry making can be a social activity to bring people together over the holidays
  2. Kids can join the fun - with schools on vacation over the holidays, parents are constantly looking for fun activities to keep them busy, jewelry making is a great kids activity and also offers the unique opportunity for kids and their parents to bond
  3. Gift making - items created can be offered as gifts, this is great especially for kids
  4. Skill development – it can become a hobby with opportunities for upselling customers that get really in to
  5. Workshops – offer instruction as an additional revenue making stream, consider beaded jewelry making workshops leading up to Christmas where kids and adults can come in and make their gifts for loved ones
  6. Shift inventory – still holding on to old beads and gemstones that you haven’t been able to shift? These can be used as practice beads for jewelry making or sold at a large discount in jewelry making kits for home practice
  7. Jewelry making kits - create a home bead jewelry making kit that can make a great gift or as a Christmas day activity for the whole family, the options are endless!


Our last blog post listed the important holiday dates, here they are again, put them in your calendar! And schedule your activities around them:


9 December – Green Monday

16 December – Hanukkah

22 December – Super Saturday

24 December – Christmas Eve

25 December – Christmas Day

31 December – New Year’s Eve


Preparation is vital and at this busy time, plan your inventory ahead to meet seasonal customer needs, anticipate your orders by looking at last year’s activities and analytics. At American Bead Corp we firmly believe in promotions so please make sure you check our site regularly and read our newsletters and emails for some great deals that you can use to set up your own promotions program. If you want more information on what great deals, we have planned then please contact us for more information.


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